Andrey Kozakov

Andrey Kozakov


About Andrey

Andrey Kozakov was born in 1977, in Kiev, Ukraine and is currently based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Although both his father and grandfather were artists; Kozakov’s skill deepened through self-study and artistic practice that intensified following his immigration to the US in 1994.

Embedded in the Russian community of Miami, Florida, Kozakov learned new skills from master craftsmen that he applied to his sculptures and paintings. He immersed himself in the images and techniques of the Surrealists, and the groundbreaking Constructivism of the early 20th Century Russian/Soviet artists like Malevich, El Lissitsky and Kandinsky.

His early surrealist images have a light-filled playful quality, while his more constructed, architectural works have a solid, grounded aspect that seems complete, yet still draws the viewer in. Kozakov paints his architectural scenes with something slightly askew. A building will lean almost imperceptibly, proportions will be a tiny bit out of balance or a cloud cover will appear slightly unreal. The result inspires an emotional connection: the image may be pleasing and contain intellectual depths, but there is something slightly unsettling that holds your attention.

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